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Our Approach

Securities. Vehicles. Real Estate. Art Collection. Cross-border assets. Privately-held businesses.

There are a variety of personally held assets and asset classes, as well as reasons to pursue a customized credit strategy to help you achieve the life and legacy you envision. Our methodology identifies priorities, challenges and gaps, ultimately allowing for clarity and resolution on how to best achieve your goals.


Every individual is unique with their own set of circumstances. The Discovery stage involves understanding where you were, where you are, and where you want to get to.


The Analyze stage involves a thorough review of financial information to seek any gaps, as well as potential opportunities.


Once a thorough understanding of your unique circumstances has been established, Resolve develops and recommends a plan to enhance your finances and aspirations optimally. Better planning leads to better outcomes.


In the Execute stage, the agreed-upon course of action will be implemented while mitigating the underwriting risk. Resolve's specialized transactional knowledge and experience will offer financing options that meet your needs.


Post execution and close of the transaction, Resolve will use a disciplined approach to continue overseeing and managing the implemented solution to ensure your goals continue to be realized.

Resolve Advisory Partners is a Toronto based consulting firm founded with the objective of assisting individuals with their lending needs.